May 2014

Launching at the VW Nationals 2014    Monday, May 26, 2014

What a great weekend! On Sunday we travelled to Prairiewood for the VW Nationals where we put our designs on desplay for the world to see. We were not surprisingly a little bit nervous.It's that old designer's paranoia, "What if no one likes what I made?", "What if poeple steal my designs?" "What if I fail?"

We didn't sell truckloads of stuff but we did make some sales and we got loads of great feedback. The main questions being - "When will you do more Kombis?" closely followed by "Will you do kids clothes?"

A Bit About us...    Monday, May 26, 2014

So....a blog...What to say? What to write?

How about I tell you a little but about how we came to be? Earlier this year Pete (my hubby) and I decided that it was high time we did something a little creative. We are already in a creative industry but the majority of what we do is making things for other people from the designs they've created. We wanted to do something that was more about us and our passions.